Tuesday, August 07, 2012

How's Your Faith?

We can quickly rate our faith with this brief test at the end of John 5. These 7 priorities determine how strong our faith really is. Take some time and think about each of the seven.

1--GLORY (v41) Who's glory (affirmation/approval) do you seek?

2--LOVE (v42) Who & How big do you love? (1 Cor. 13)

3--RECEIVE (v43) Who do you receive/accept? (Jesus? ...the least of these?)

4--BELIEVE (v44) Who/what do you believe (trust)?

5--HOPE (v45) Who/what do you hope in?

6--He WROTE (v46) Who do you read about? (Jesus? Bible?)

7--My WORDS (v47) Who do you hear/listen to? (Jesus?)

Faith grows from the bottom up: Get ready to Hear the voice of Jesus-->Read what the Bible says about Jesus-->You will begin to put your hope in Jesus-->Hope turns into trust-->Trust allows you to receive any and all that God sends-->Once you're receiving, your on your way to loving-->God affirms and approves loving sacrifice.