Monday, March 25, 2013

Wounded Women of the Bible

I'm so very proud of my wife Tina Kinsey Samples! Pre-orders are underway for her new book Wounded Women of the Bible with the release to be officially July 1.  I can't wait.  Pre-orders are discounted by 33% at Amazon if you want to pre-order a copy.  It includes Bible study in the back of the book for your small group. If you live in Northern Colorado, Tina would love to come and lead your first session. Just let her know:  Here is the link to Amazon: Amazon

Saturday, March 09, 2013

My Most Popular Blog!

Since the beginning of this blog, I have written on a great many subjects and ideas.  It's interesting to me that the most popular thing I've written by far is this:


This particular blog article has been read more than 1400 times! I'm sure it will get a few more now since I'm promoting it. :)

Friday, March 08, 2013

The HIGH Cost of HIGH School

Well the early numbers are in and it appears that since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado . . . wait for it . . . MORE KIDS ARE GETTING HIGH! 

Read the news report here from Denver's CBS4:

Of course. Who could possibly be surprised? Let's make it easier to access pot and then pretend that usage will not increase?

Here's the problem. #1--If kids are high while in school, then they are not learning anything. #2--If these kids are driving themselves to and from school, then they are driving while impaired and risk a DUI or worse, a fatality--theirs or someone else's.  Have you seen the car accident stats for teens? It ain't great!  Let's add pot to the mix and see what happens.  #3--We already had a drug problem in our schools and it's not getting any better.

Anyone have a thought on a solution?

Thursday, March 07, 2013


I'm not a writer.  I don't like to write.  I don't ever like to write. I would rather do almost anything to keep from writing.  I'm a speaker, a teacher, a preacher . . . but not a writer.  The problem is that I've got ideas, and some of them are good.  One of the best ways to communicate ideas, beyond my little world, is to write them down and send them out.  And so I write. And I don't much like it.  You would laugh to see me write. I speak out loud and then write it down.  I read out loud back to myself and then edit whatever I've written.  That's another obstacle to good writing. I spend too much time editing and not enough time writing.  I wouldn't bring it up except that Tina and I are working on a book together and books require writing.--lots of writing.  Tina is a writer. She loves to write. She writes and then says whatever she wrote. That's very different from me.  I write what I speak. She speaks what she writes. We couldn't be more different.  lol  Someday, you may own a copy of my book. It will likely be available in the discount bin. When you read it, do me a favor and read it out loud, because that's how it will have been written.