Friday, March 08, 2013

The HIGH Cost of HIGH School

Well the early numbers are in and it appears that since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado . . . wait for it . . . MORE KIDS ARE GETTING HIGH! 

Read the news report here from Denver's CBS4:

Of course. Who could possibly be surprised? Let's make it easier to access pot and then pretend that usage will not increase?

Here's the problem. #1--If kids are high while in school, then they are not learning anything. #2--If these kids are driving themselves to and from school, then they are driving while impaired and risk a DUI or worse, a fatality--theirs or someone else's.  Have you seen the car accident stats for teens? It ain't great!  Let's add pot to the mix and see what happens.  #3--We already had a drug problem in our schools and it's not getting any better.

Anyone have a thought on a solution?

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