Wednesday, May 30, 2007

10 Reasons to go to San Antonio...

I have not attended an SBC annual meeting since Salt Lake City. When was that....1998? I don't remember exactly when it was but I had a great time. Why haven't I gone back? Well, convention and conference money is always tight and I want to get the most "bang" for my church's "buck".

So...why I am going to San Antonio for the Southern Baptist Convention this year?

  1. I've been asked to serve on the Credentials Committee and it would reflect poorly upon me if I skipped.
  2. I'm really hoping that revival may in fact break out and I don't want to miss it.
  3. I am excited about change within our denomination and I want to support it.
  4. I'm taking my dad with me (he hasn't attended since St. Louis--1980?).
  5. I have, at times, been extremely proud of my denomination and hope to be so again in SA.
  6. I love San Antonio.
  7. I'm looking forward to meeting men that I know only through blogging.
  8. Casa Rio is a great meal at a great price. Check it out here.
  9. I want to get my free book from the Annuity Board (excuse me...Guidestone).
  10. I'm committed to doing my part to help make the SBC the best that it can be.

I hope to see you there!


The Milkman said...


Good list. I appreciate the spirit of your posts & the words of wisdom you left for me the other day.

Don't forget #11- a great martial arts exhibition. For a preview, see my post today.

I would love to go, but will unfortunately be unable to make it.

Safe travels.

Benjie said...

My list is much shorter, and much more selfish:
1. Time with my wife.
2. Leaving the kids with my folks in Palestine, TX on the way.
3. Time with my wife.
4. Seeing old friends from my days with the IMB (focus for the year is on part of our old field of service--the former Soviet Union).
5. The Riverwalk.
6. Time with my wife.
7. Authentic Tex-Mex food.
and did I mention,
8. Time with my wife.

Oops, was there anything about being part of what might become the SBC?

Dave Samples said...

Benjie....I like it! You should be easy to tie and all...