Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A funny thing happened at AWANA...

One of our AWANA teachers was telling the story of the candy cane to a group of children tonight. She carefully explained the symbolism of the cane emphasizing that it represented Jesus. Candy canes were then given to each of the children. Coming across a broken candy cane, the teacher jumped on the opportunity to use the broken cane to stress Jesus' sacrifical death. "When we eat this broken one it will remind us that Jesus' body was broken for us", she said. One particularly observant girl raised her hand and replied, "At my church we use bread!"
One of our new AWANA workers shared this note with me: "I'm having fun with AWANA. Last week I got to teach a group of six year olds with no front teeth how to say Ecclesiastes and Thessalonians".

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny. I am a participant in the AWANA program and I have heard a couple of funny things. I joined a couple of weeks ago and I am greatfull that I did.