Monday, May 26, 2008

Tornado Recovery...

Cornerstone has become the staging area for disaster relief and clean up for the May 22nd Windsor Tornado. As you can see, we have a very busy parking lot...
Our building fared better than most of the homes and businesses in our neighborhood. This has given us a great opportunity for ministry. The Cornerstone family has risen to the challenge and is aggressively serving our community even though many of our members would be considered tornado "victims". Much is being accomplished very quickly as roving gangs of workers move daily throughout the Cornerstone community.
One of our members, Amy, sent me an inspiring report in an email. I want to share a few lines of her message with her permission.
"Its so amazing to see how everyone from all the different communities are working together. On Sat. Barry and I and a couple other adults took a group of Cornerstone youth out into the neighborhood for clean-up. Youth being youth, they rotated in and out but we had a handful of them the entire time we were out there and there was no complaining, they did everything that was asked of them, and they represented themselves well. Yesterday, me, Sonny, Juan M., and Ron W. jumped on a crew that was a mixture of Habitat for Humanity and Redeemer Lutheran and just scoured a neighborhood. People were so amazed to see a group of 20-25 people sweep through their yard and have it cleared in about 20 minutes. I think our society as a whole has become jaded and has forgotten what human kindness is really about. This disaster has allowed people to jump in and help in ways they never thought possible and for people who normally would never dream of asking for help getting it and not having to feel bad about it. I have seen homeowners on the verge of tears when they see us come through because they are so grateful for what we are doing. If something like this ever happens around here again, I guarantee these people will be the first in line to volunteer to help."

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