Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forty Pounds of Puppy...

It's about time for a Gavin update.  He had a vet appointment today to get his rabies shot and it allowed me to catch up on his stats.  He is just a little over four months old and the Vet predicts that Gavin will grow to around 75 pounds before he is done.  He weighed 40 pounds today--up 10 pounds from this time last month.  According to the Vet's records, Gavin weighed just 4.6 pounds on his first Vet visit back on August 3rd.

Gavin graduated with honors last week from his puppy class.  He dominated his final exam and stood head and shoulders above his classmates (literally).  On a "stay" command, he held his butt on the floor longer than any of the other puppies.  He was able to run about forty yards right to me on a "Gavin, Come!" command.  He was even able to accomplish the highly difficult "roll over" maneuver.  He will start the intermediate class in a few weeks continuing on with several of his classmates.

We are currently discussing the options for neutering.  Tina says, "Yes".  The boys and I are not so sure.

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Brad M said...

Congrats on a well trained pup! Good luck with the decisions about the big snip!