Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Vote...

Early voting here in Colorado began on October 20th. I finished looking over the ballot issues this evening and intend to cast my vote tomorrow afternoon. I am often asked how I will vote on the various amendments that appear on the ballot. Here are my votes...

President: John McCain and Sarah Palin (I wish it was Huckabee/Palin)
US Senator: Bob Schaffer
District 4 - Representative to Congress: Marilyn N. Musgrave
District 49 - State Representative: Kevin Lundberg
District Attorney: Ken Buck
County Commissioner At Large: Sean Conway
County Commissioner District 1: David E. Long
County Council at Large 4 Year Term: Donald D. Mueller
County Council at Large 2 Year Term: Perry L. Buck
County Council District 1: Gene Stille

Amendment 46: Yes (Banning Descrimination/Preferential Hiring)
Amendment 47: Yes (Right to Work)
Amendment 48: Yes (Defines Personhood at Conception)
Amendment 49: No (Restricting Payroll Deductions)
Amendment 50: No (Increase Gaming Limits)
Amendment 51: No (Sales Tax Increase for Persons with Disabilities Program)
Amendment 52: No (Reallocation of tax on minerals)
Amendment 53: Yes (Criminal Liability for Executives)
Amendment 54: Yes (Restrict Political Contributions from Government Contractors)
Amendment 55: No (Restrict Ability to Terminate Employees)
Amendment 56: No (Requiring Employers to Provide Healthcare Coverage)
Amendment 57: No (Additional Regulations for Workplace Safety)
Amendment 58: No (Removal of Tax Break for Oil Exploration)
Amendment 59: No (Eliminate TABOR Tax Refunds)
Referendum L: No (Lower Minimum Age for Representatives to 21)
Referendum M: Yes (Eliminate outdated wording concerning tax breaks for specific land uses)
Referendum N: Yes (Eliminate outdated wording concerning alcohol regulation)
Referendum O: No (Increase number of signatures neccessary for ballot initiatives)
Ballot Issue 4A: Yes (Increase taxes for expanded fire personnel)
Ballot Issue 4B: Yes (Increase taxes for new fire stations)

Please take the time to vote and when you do--Vote Your Values!


Rain said...

Thank you so much for posting your values! It's important to us to know where our flock leader stands in relation to morals and character traits in our leadership. I have already voted and would have to agree with you on the Huckabee/Palin thing :)

Anonymous said...

David: There are lots of people slapping their forehead saying 'I could have had a Huckabee.' :)