Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Vacation: Day 1

As we usually do...we stayed up late last night packing and getting ready to leave early this morning. I had a Bible Study to teach at 6:30 last night which was especially important because I opened the class by baptizing a mom and her teenage son. The study went well with some awesome stories of how God has been speaking to some of the attendees. I got home about 8:00, did the necessary preparations for travel--like filling up the gas tank and cleaning out the van. After washing a few loads of laundry and skillfully packing, I hit the sack about 11:30 with an eye on the weather channel. Beep--Beep--Beep! I jump out of bed and take a quick look out of the window and am relieved to see absolutely nothing--no snow anywhere. After a quick shower and cup of coffee, I get the family up and we are in the van ready to go by 5:30. It's starting to flurry just a little bit as we head out of town, stopping only to return an overdue video game. The weather starts happening pretty quick and before even an hour passes we're driving on snow-pack. We're almost to Bennett, Colorado (I've never heard of it either) when we hear the dreaded announcement on the radio: I-70 is closing in both directions! NOooooo! Now, I'm not one to take chances in the snow--I don't like spending hours or even days waiting at a truckstop of the roads to reopen. We turn around and slowly retrace our path back home with the roads becoming ever more treacherous. We pull back in the house about 11 and unload the van. What a day! The snow is supposed to continue through tomorrow and so I don't have any hopes that we will be able to try again until Friday at the earliest.

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