Friday, December 29, 2006

Road Closed!

We have awakened to the news this morning that I-70 is closed until further notice. Fortunately, we have a nice room at a nice motel where we can hang out today. It's my understanding that we have to decide by noon whether we want to keep the room for another night or not. I'm pretty sure that we'll keep the room--don't want to spend the night at the truckstop.

I would much prefer to be home but I also understand that God many times has things for us to accomplish at times and places that we would neglect were it not for his insistance (closed roads). And so, I will resist the urge to stay isolated in my room and will make it a point to visit with anyone that I can, as often as I can, in order to be God's servant at the Comfort Inn in Limon, Colorado.

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