Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Great State Convention...

I am truly thankful to be serving a Southern Baptist Church in Colorado. On Monday and Tuesday of this week I attended the CBGC Executive Board Meeting in Denver. As usual, I walked away with a sense of pride in who we are and what we are trying to accomplish as Colorado Baptists. We did not have a whole lot of significant business to accomplish, in my opinion, just some necessary administrative adjustments. We did make one major change in the way that we operate. Our EB has five committees that our board members are assigned to: Mission, Finance, Agencies, Program, and Communications. The Program and Communications committees have struggled to find a practical function--they have mainly served in oversight. Yesterday, we did away with both of these committees and created two new purposeful committees: Church Health Committee and Prayer and Evangelism Committee. There were many positive reports that were shared throughout the meetings and we remain unified in our task of penetrating lostness in Colorado. Dr. Bob Bender was elected as Vice Chairman of the EB and I was re-elected as Chairman.


Taran said...


When you get a chance, could you please explain the responsibilities of the new Church Health Committee?

Dave Samples said...


The Church Health Team of our Executive Board will meet with our Church Health Division Director, Dr. Tommy Chapman and discuss with him how we are doing at increasing the health of churches. The EB's role is primarily oversight but there is opportunity to provide suggestions and guidance as well as the setting of goals. The EB members on this team will have the opportunity to be trained as church health consultants and contribute in a very practical way if they would like to. Tommy has put together a resource for a church to use to help determine the level of their health and steps that they can take to improve. This is done with the guidance of a church-health consultant. Let me know if I can further elaborate.