Thursday, January 11, 2007

We're Purpose-Driven...

I was greatly influenced by Rick Warren a few years before he wrote The Purpose-Driven Church when I read an article about him in one of the denominational magazines. The article briefly outlined the five purposes and how Rick had applied them to his new church plant. I still have the notes that I jotted down from that article. Cornerstone is organized around the five purposes that Rick Warren identified. I believe that these purposes are clearly revealed in the Scriptures and serve as a very practical outline of how to do church. I would agree with Rick Warren that the mission of the church is "The Great Commission" which is revealed in Matthew 28:18-20. Through the authority of Christ, we go and make disciples. We baptize those disciples and teach them to do everything that Jesus commanded. That's why Cornerstone exists!

Our Purpose Statement reveals our take on the five purposes of the church: Cornerstone exists...#1 to Experience God's Greatness (Worship)....#2 to Unite Believers (Fellowship)...#3 to Empower Christ-like Liviing (Discipleship)...#4 to Bring People to Christ (Evangelism)...#5 to Call-out Ministers (Service).

From this point on you're going to discover that Cornerstone differs greatly from many of the philosophies that represent many purpose-driven churches. Our structure and organization is unique unto our church and many of the philosophies that undergird our church are not seen anywhere else. I'll explain those in detail as we move forward and examine each of the five purposes and what they look like at Cornerstone.

--To be continued--

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