Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Harvest!

We had a great day of worship at Cornerstone this morning! We combined our usual three services in one big service at the Windsor High School. It was absolutely wonderful to be worshipping together as one body. In some ways, our church has become like three "small" churches independent of each other. Days like today are very refreshing when we can all come together. We had set an attendance goal of 1000 due in large part to the seating capacity of the High School Auditorium. We fell considerably short of our goal due in part to some cold weather and slick highways to the south. Several families who were planning to drive up from Denver did not make the trip because of the weather. Nonetheless--we had the second highest attendance ever in the history of our church!

Total Attendance: 500

The worship was great this morning with all of our singers and musicians doing their very best. Combining the services allowed us to have more greeters and ushers than normal and we even had a choir. At the conclusion of the message, I led in a public "prayer of salvation" and then invited all of those who had prayed the prayer and who desired a new start with Christ to stand up and come forward.

Public Decisions: 23
  • Professions of Faith: 11
  • Recommitments: 5
  • Miscellaneous: 7
As we concluded the public invitation, those who had come forward were escorted into the hallway to team up with counselors who prayed with each of them and helped to determine why they had come forward and how we as a church can assist them as they move forward in their Christian journey. Those who remained in the auditorium were asked to fill out a decision slip and place it in the offering basket.

Decision Cards:
  • Professions of Faith: 2
  • Recommitments: 40
  • For Baptism: 4
  • Interest in Membership: 13
We will be following up on all of those who have made decisions in the very near future. Praise God for a great day of harvest!

Total Professions of Faith: 13
Total Recommitments: 45

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