Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost Tomb Scholars Backtrack!

It seems that several of the "scholars" who appeared in "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" are now backing up and changing their testimony. This is not surprising since the scholars who originally discovered the tomb did not feel that there was any connection to the biblical Jesus. According to the Jerusalem Post,
The most startling change of opinion featured in the 16-page paper is that of
University of Toronto statistician Professor Andrey Feuerverger, who stated
those 600 to one odds in the film. Feuerverger now says that these referred to
the probability of a cluster of such names appearing together.
Feuerveger is not alone in his change of mind. The DNA scientist, Dr. Carney Matheson, who supervised DNA testing carried out for the film has concluded that the DNA testing proves absolutely nothing. And what about that creative interpretation that "Mariamne" is the same as "Mary Magdalene"? The Post states,
Professor Francois Bovon, who is quoted in the film as saying the enigmatic
ossuary inscription "Mariamne" is the same woman known as Mary Magdalene - one of the filmmakers' critical arguments - issued a disclaimer stating that he did
not believe that "Mariamne" stood for Mary of Magdalene at all.
So it sounds like the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" has turned out to be nothing more than fanciful imagination!

Read the entire article at the Jerusalem Post here.

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