Wednesday, August 08, 2007

USA Today on The Problem with Church...

USA Today reports, "Protestant churches are losing young adults in "sobering" numbers. Seven in 10 Protestants ages 18 to 30 — both evangelical and mainline — who went to church regularly in high school said they quit attending by age 23."
The recent study was done by LifeWay Research and is the latest offering by Ed Stetzer. The article notes that, "Dropouts were more than twice as likely than those who continued attending church to describe church members as judgmental (51% for dropouts, 24% for those who stayed), hypocritical (44% vs. 20%) or insincere (41% vs. 19%)."
Also of note, "The survey found that those who stayed with or returned to church grew up with both parents committed to the church, pastors whose sermons were relevant and engaging, and church members who invested in their spiritual development."

Read the USA Today article online here.

Read the entire LifeWay Study online here.
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