Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What to Do Before You Do Anything...

I have begun a new sermon series from the Book of Acts and I want to attempt to share some of what I am learning about the church and how Jesus designed it to function without "preaching" the sermons. I read somewhere that people don't want to read sermons on blogs. So, in order to spare both of my readers from discomfort, I'll try to simply pass along the teaching as more of a discussion.
To begin with--why Acts? Simply put, "Acts" records the birth of the church and the early days of this infant world-changer. The new-born church was simply amazing especially when compared to the contemporary coma-like organization we generally refer to as "the church". You would think that the fully grown mature church would dwarf the effectiveness of the baby version and yet we find just the opposite to be true. The church's greatest days appear to lie behind her in the pages of Acts. We have much to learn and rediscover from those who have gone before us and have effectively taken the Gospel around their known world.
Let me just key in on five things that Jesus said to the apostles on the day that he rocketed into space right in front of them. Read the story for yourself in Acts 1:1-8 and then note the five instructions from Christ.
1. Don't leave Jerusalem (v4).
2. Wait for the promise (v4).
3. You will be baptized with the Holy Spirit (v5).
4. You will receive power (v8).
5. You will be my witnesses (v8).

(more tomorrow)

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