Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Single Issue...

You can read all about the Des Moines Register Poll from the source here. Governor Huckabee appears to be maintaining his lead going into the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday. It's interesting to me that the Republican establishment appears to quite opposed to the possibilility of a Huckabee nomination. You've got to wonder what they are so afraid of. Clearly they don't think that he can win against whoever the Democrats end up nominating. Fortunately, it's up to the people and not the establishment. It's quite amazing that Huckabee has done so well in Iowa. He has been outspent 20-1 by Mitt Romney and the last few weeks have been filled with a relentless attack from not only Romney but also Republican media icons like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. In spite of this full court press--Mike Huckabee leads Iowa! I don't think that the Rupublican establishment or the media really understand what motivates the conservative Christian vote. It's true that I'm a fiscal conservative interested in smaller government and lower taxes. I believe that the church and individual charities do a much better job of caring for the poor and the indigent than the federal government ever can. Yet, the most important issue for me is the issue of life vs abortion. I will work tirelessly for a truly pro-life candidate! But I will have a difficult time casting a vote for any candidate that supports or even carelessly looks the other way when babies are being killed daily in America. Yes, I am a "single-issue" voter! I am tired of candidates who simply say what I want to hear but do not have "life" as a core conviction. Of all the candidates, I believe that Mike Huckabee, at his core believes that abortion is wrong and will work to save the lives of these innocent preborn. This is how serious I am--I would support a Democrat, an Independent, or even a Libertarian who opposes abortion. It is the most important issue for me! Go Huckabee!

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