Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cornerstone en Espanol...

I had a great meeting this afternoon with Pastor Oscar de la Cruz to discuss the formation of a Spanish-language worship service at Cornerstone. I'm thrilled that Oscar and I share common vision to see a fourth worship service begun at Cornerstone. We're not looking to begin a new church, we're not just letting the Spanish congregation meet in our building, but rather we are acknowledging the presence of the hispanic community in our town and in our church and we are making a place for them within our local Body of Christ.

My name for God today is "Branch of the Lord" (Is. 4:2). It's a perfect description for God as He shows himself today to be a new branch within our church.

My Proverb today is 14:28, "A growing population is a king's glory". God is growing our population through the inclusion of the Hispanic community.

My spirit soars to think of the possibilities--more so than the many other things about our church that I'm excited about. One of the spiritual markers (Blackaby lingo) in my life is the presence of ethnics. My dad was a Home Mission Board Missionary to Native Americans. I grew up around ethnic people groups. Throughout my life, I have had effective ministry in and around ethnic communities. I believe that Pastor Oscar's service is going to be a big part of Cornerstone's future. May it be so!

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