Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Countdown - "2 Days"

We're less than two days away from flying away into the wild blue yonder. I hid out at the office as much as I could today. Something happens at our house the last few days before vacation. Tina always gets this urge to clean the house really good just in case something happens to us. Yep, I don't think that I could really enjoy heaven while worrying about someone seeing our less than perfectly cleaned home . So, I have personally cleaned every toilet in the house and I am now awaiting my next assigned task. It's not so bad--I do enjoy coming home to a pristeen home. The problem is that we are leaving Jaren home by himself and I'm not convinced that he is going to maintain the place very well while we are gone. The good news is that he will likely never venture up from downstairs except to pilfer for food. If I leave enough cash, then he will eat out and will not venture into the kitchen much. We have a mini-fridge downstairs where we keep the sodas.

Packing is fun at our house. Zach and I usually find a shirt and a pair of blue jeans each and call it good. Tina, as any good woman would, forces us to pack for all of the unkown scenarios that we might face. Even though Florida has Walmart or two, we will check one ginormous suitcase and then carry on a couple of small ones. I doubt we'll need half of what we take--but we will do it for mom. I used to take a lot of books on vacation deceiving myself into thinking that I would actually read them. I'm not taking any this time--ok, I'll take my One Year Bible. Also, I'll take Conlan Brown's novel that I need to finish. Perhaps, I'll take one more just in case I finish Conlan's book and want something else.

Amy gave me some girl scout cookies for the trip--Samoas. I'll pack those in the ginormous bag and hope the baggage guys don't steal them. I'll eat the first cookie with one foot in the gulf in honor of Amy. The cookies are actually for Gideon (the church cat) but he said that I could take them with me in case I see some Florida cats.

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