Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation Countdown: "6"

Just six days left...

One of the things that I am looking forward to is our first-ever trip to Busch Gardens. This park boasts some of the wildest coasters in America. Zach and I were watching "Youtube" videos of some of the rides in the park--Awesome! Tina will have nothing to do with us as we ride and will instead be at the shows and checking out the exhibits. From what I can understand, Busch Gardens is sort of like Disney's Animal Kingdom in that there are a lot of zoo-like exhibits to see. The online ticket purchase allows us to get in for two days. The plan is to hit the park mid-week, like maybe Tuesday and then return on Thursday for a second day. I'm a theme park nut and I have already started planning out the preferred sequence by which we will tour the park. Crazy, isn't it?

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Suzanne said...

David, I love going to Busch Gardens in Tampa Fla. I have a uncle there too. I love the Wild - Life and all the fun rides. especially the roller-coasters.