Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rivers and Rocks...

I had a powerful time of prayer this morning in the park.  The Spirit seemed really active in my heart and I am anticipating a great morning of worship.  God shared this with me from Psalm 78:13-16:

"For he divided the sea before them and led them through!  The water stood up like walls beside them!  In the daytime he led them by a cloud, and at night by a pillar of fire."

"He split open the rocks in the wilderness to give them plenty of water, as from a gushing spring.  He made streams pour from the rock, making the water flow down like a river!"

This is especially meaningful for me today because there are people that I care about that question the path that we are on.  Some question my motives.  Some question my health.  Some question my  I have been refering often to the imagery of a cloud by day and a fire by night to represent the way that God is leading Grace River on our faith journey.  I continue to believe that this is something that God is orchestrating.  He is in control and He is accomplishing His purposes.  God has brought Grace River out of the Rock.

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