Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Book

Last week, Tina signed a publishing contract with Kregel Publications.

I remember that more than fifteen years ago, Tina was in the cast of The Promise--a dramatic musical portrayal of the life of Christ, performed in an amphitheater near Glen Rose, Texas.  Over the course of a season, Tina developed some wonderful friendships--including a relationship with Dena Dyer--who is co-authoring the new book with Tina.  I also remember one evening after the show when one of the cast members (don't know who) approached Tina and asked if he could pray for her.  Included in his prayer was a prophetic word that "Tina would be published around the world".  At the time Tina had not written anything more significant than a letter.  She had never taught anything (other than Sunday School) and she had never spoken before a group except maybe to share a testimony.  Tina was a worship leader and a song-writer and so our assumption was that God would publish her music in some way.  In the last sixteen years, Tina has recorded two Cd's of her own songs, she has led worship in some wonderful places, and ever so slowly she began to write articles, stories, Bible studies, and books.  The book that Tina is writing with Dena Dyer is her third and the first to be published.  It's a long way from "around the world" but still, it's got a shot.

You can read some of Tina's writings at her blog:  Journey Moments or visit her website if you would like to invite her to your church or to your women's group:


Dena Dyer said...

So excited to write this book with Tina. :) Thanks for the shout-out, Dave.

And I had forgotten that story about the Promise. How good is God?!

Dave Samples said...

Thanks for stopping by Dena. Does the book make us "literary inlaws"?