Monday, November 21, 2011

Steve Ramsey

I'm in a bit of a funk today.  I'm in the process of saying "goodbye" to a dear friend who has been with me through some deep waters.  There was a time when my heart was immune to such emotion and I could leave friends or see them leave and I would just suppress the emptiness that is a part of the separating process.  I'm much healthier now and I feel the full impact of the loss.  I don't like it much but I'm learning to see the painful feelings as legitimate.  Better to feel loss, then to never feel at all.  One of the lines that I often share with those who are grieving is that the pain that it is felt is simply a measure of their love.  That being said, I love this friend a bunch!

I'm saying goodbye to a good friend, a coworker, and a pastor, who has helped me carry the burden of our new church plant--Grace River.  Steve Ramsey is the friend who has talked me out of quitting multiple times.  He is the guy that I shared lunches with once a week for almost two years.  He has helped to clarify my weaknesses and he has encouraged my strengths.  I have laughed with him until I've cried, and I have cried with him until...I didn't need to cry anymore.  Steve is, what must be the definition of, a good friend.  And I will miss him greatly.

 Steve is headed back home to Arkansas where his parents are in need of his care and assistance as they face the challenges of growing older and weaker.  It appears that in God's timing, they now need him more than I do.  I am so very grateful for the times that we shared together.  I've been blessed!  I love you Steve!

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