Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Taste Test

"Just as the mouth tastes good food, the ear tests the words it hears." (Job 34:3)

I have been sitting here the past few minutes trying to think of something that I don't eat because it tastes bad to me.  Funny thing is that I cannot think of anything.  There are a lot of things I don't eat because of color, texture, etc.  But taste?  Over the years, I've learned to eat just about anything that is put before me.  Foods that I thought I would not like based on color or texture sometimes turn out to taste pretty good.  I've also adopted the belief that everything tastes good if you put enough butter on it (or Tabasco). 

In the same way, I wonder if I've learned to accept words (and concepts) that I don't necessarily like.  We hear all kinds of things on tv, radio, and in conversation.  Our culture says a concept is good for us and we put a little Tabasco on it and swallow hard. 

Today, let's make an effort to taste the words we hear.  Let's discern what we're hearing and measure it by the Word of God.  Let's test what we hear!

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