Monday, October 02, 2006

The Message of Amos...

Here's a shot of me enjoying some early morning coffee last week out in the field. It's actually cold instant coffee. Yuck!

We've begun a new series of messages taken from the Old Testament book of Amos. It appears to me that the prosperous, self-indulgent nation that Amos addressed is very similar to our own. In fact, the warning that Amos issues has clear application for our church and our individual families. Israel, throughout it's history, has tended to abandon God when times are good and to call out to God when times are bad. It seems that the blessing of God has often become a curse to them. We risk the same mistake. Over the next several weeks, we will learn from Amos, "How to Survive Prosperity". Let's start with what the message of God looks like.

God's message is:

1. Burdonsome (v1) - Amos means "Burdon-bearer". God has given each of us a ministry burden to carry. It is whatever you are passionate about.

2. Visionary (v1) - Amos was given a vision. He did not dream up what he was going to do for God but rather God revealed to Amos what He was already going to do.

3. Appropriate (v2) - Both Uzziah and Jeroboam ruled during times of prosperity. The message that Amos brings was perfect for the times in which he lived. The message we carry is equally relevant to our day.

4. Authoritative (v2) - "The Lord roars from Zion". The message of Amos is filled with authority like a lion's roar. "And from Jerusalm he utters (places) his voice". God places his voice wherever he chooses. He often places his voice through you and me. The place where you live and work is the place where God has chosen to speak his voice through you. We have confidence in our message because it is God who has placed us and God who is speaking through us.

5. Scary - (v2) - The warning is really scary. The lush pastures will become barren and the summit of Carmel (Orchards) will dry up. The prosperous times will end. The blessing will be removed. God will not bless what He cannot direct. The message of God must be heeded in order to continue to see the blessing of God.


Nathan Solomon said...


Great picture! Whoever snapped that one was a real pro. I am looking forward to seeing more pics in the near future as well reading of your work with the man from Tekoa. Peace to you and your family.

Dave Samples said...


Thanks for the good words! I'll post those pics slowly over time so as to force you to check the blog often. It gets my hit count up there higher. Thanks for your friendship over the past few weeks and for your cutting sense of humor. I'm just thankful that I'll never have to spend another long night in a small tent with you again.