Thursday, October 26, 2006

Spending some time with my dad...

I drove down to Pagosa Springs, Colorado on Tuesday to spend a few days with my dad. He and my mom have held a timeshare in Pagosa Springs for the past 15 years and they have made the pilgrimage each of those 15 years to spend some time together recharging. This is the first time that my dad has made the trip without my mom and I wanted to join him. We have had a wonderful time just relaxing, enjoying the scenery, talking, and eating. We are scheduled to head to my house tomorrow (depending on the weather). There is no snow here...just beautiful sunshine. However, we will have to drive through the snow and ice that is being displayed on the news in Colorado Springs and Denver in order to get home. I have had time these last few days to work on upcoming sermons from Amos. I have a few more message outlines to share in the very near future. I also want to walk through the election ballot for our area and describe my votes. Blessings!

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