Thursday, June 05, 2008

SBC Pastor's Conference - Sunday Evening

The 2008 Southern Baptist Convention begins this Sunday evening with the Pastor's Conference. While I will be there live and in person, you have the opportunity to participate by watching the live streaming video on the internet. The video stream will be available for free at The convention is in Indianapolis and so there is a two hour time difference from Colorado.
The theme for the Pastor's Conference will be Prayer, Brokenness, Revival and Evangelism. There are three speakers on Sunday evening: Dr. Johnny Hunt at 6:35 (Indy time), Dr. Daniel Simmons at 7:15, and Dr. Tom Eliff at 8:10. There is quite a bit of music interspersed throughout the conference. It all begins at 5:30 (that's 3:30 Colorado time). I would encourage anyone who can to check out as much of the conference as possible. It will be good stuff! The emphasis of the pastor's conference on Sunday evening will be prayer.
The pastor's conference website includes the following statement concerning Sunday evening's conference: "What would happen if thousands of pastors left Sunday night with a commitment to have prayer meetings that are more than praying for the sick, but meetings where people long for God to move in their midst? The key to the church in Acts was prayer. That is not often the case in the 21st century church."
Watch the Pastor's Conference on the internet and then post a comment on my blog. We can discuss what we learned and how to make application.

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