Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tornado + VBS = Harvest

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. The tornado hit Windsor on Thursday, May 22nd, and we've been in "disaster relief" mode ever since. It feels a lot like a pin ball bouncing back and forth between a couple of bumpers. I've been very busy but I can't seem to identify very much that I have accomplished. To make it even more fun....tomorrow begins our Vacation Bible School. We have some great workers who take care of everything and so my role is minimal. However, we are expecting a record number of children following the tornado. We normally enroll about twice as many kids as pre-enroll. This year we have almost 200 pre-enrolled. This means that our overtaxed building, parking lot, and yard is going to be absolutely overflowing. Keep in mind that the Salvation Army is feeding about 1100 meals every day on our parking lot. Yikes! This will all happen at the same time. Adding to the confusion (or perhaps the solution) will be an additional 20+ VBS workers that are joining us from other churches in our state. Our VBS Director's house was one of the hardest hit homes which makes it a little tough for her to focus on organizing VBS. This coming Sunday we are moving our three services into one big service outside at the lake. We have 15+ individuals that are going to be baptized at the lake. Plus we're praying for more decisions on Sunday that can immediately be baptized. My Youth Pastor will be overseeing this service as I will be flying out of Denver on Sunday morning on my way to Indianapolis for the Southern Baptist Convention. It should be a fun week!

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