Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CBGC Executive Board (final report)

The Tuesday sessions were filled with a variety of reports from various CBGC staff members. I remain extremely impressed and proud of our staff in Colorado. From our Executive Director, Mark Edlund, on down to the ministry assistants--we have some tremendous men and women serving the churches of Colorado.

Golden Gate Seminary is expecting as much as a $750,000 budget shortfall in the coming year. Rocky Mountain Campus in Denver should be effected in only a limited way in that they raise their own funds and do not receive any Cooperative Program support. There are approximately eighty students in Colorado who are taking advantage of the Rocky Mountain Campus of Golden Gate Seminary.

Concerns were shared on the rising costs of Youth Camp and possible solutions were presented.

We heard a report from CAHOOTS on how to better communication from the CBGC.

It was reported that 210 of our 397 churches did not complete an ACP report last year which means we do not have accurate data concering our churches. Of the 210 that did report--one fifth reported zero baptisms for the year!

There was an excellent report from The Ponderosa--our state camp. Many positive changes appear to be happening at the camp witch will hopefully result in better usage of the camp.

We voted to enter into a "shoulder-to-shoulder" partnership with the churches in Wyoming. This will result in shared ministry throughout Wyoming and Colorado with Colorado churches assisting Wyoming churches and Wyoming churches assisting Colorado churches.

A discussion was held concerning our annual meeting and how to better the participation. We'll be in Estes Park for our 2009 meeting.

A discussion was held on minimum giving percentages as a qualifier for executive board service. It was decided that we should seek out the the best individuals regardless of giving percentages.

The Board also voted to look into the possibility of making some facility changes.

There was much more but these are the highlights. I would be happy to answer any questions that these postings have prompted.

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