Monday, April 13, 2009

The Gold of Exodus

I just finished reading an excellent book that describes itself as, "The Discovery of the True Mount Sinai". The book is titled "The Gold of Exodus" by author Howard Blum". Though historical non-fiction, the book reads like an adventure novel. It’s the kind of book that I have a hard time putting down. I was fascinated with the book’s revelation of the actual site of Mount Sinai as being in Saudi Arabia rather than at the traditional site. The evidence given by the books lead characters, Larry Williams and Bob Carnuke, is supported by the biblical narrative. There is much available on the internet to support the books claims as well. I guess my interest began when I rented a documentary at the video store entitled, “Mountain of Fire”, that includes interviews with Williams and Carnuke. "The Gold of Exodus" is a good and enjoyable read that will perhaps cause your heart, like mine, to become thrilled with the possibilities and the historical evidence that remains at Jabal al Lawz.

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