Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jaren's Mission Team...

Here is an update from Jaren's Mission Team:

Hello!!!! This is Team Honduras checking in!!!

We’ve been really busy over the last week learning music (16 songs in 5 days!), learning about how to share our testimonies, and just having fun as a team. Last night we had our first practice concert and were blessed with the opportunity to share our excitement with the Hong Kong team as well. Our Bible studies and devotions have been teaching us what it means to be a servant. Philippians 2 has been our focus for all of training - imitating the servant posture of Christ. Other than that, it’s been really fun getting to know each other and learning how to be a team. We’re looking forward to another week of learning about what our ministry will look like in Honduras. It’s going to be an amazing summer, and we’re so grateful for all of your support. If you’d like to be praying for us, here are some specific requests:

Memorization: 12 of the 16 songs are in Spanish, and instrumentalists have a ton of chords to remember!

Health: Don’t worry! We’re all still healthy, but we’d like to stay that way! Pray for rest and rejuvenation daily.

Unity: God has brought together 12 very different people and we are learning what it means to put those differences to good use- covering each others’ weaknesses and drawing on each others’ strengths- to become one unified body working together to serve God’s Kingdom.

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