Friday, June 19, 2009

SBC - Friday - 8:00pm

Tomorrow is the big day when I fly to Louisville for the Southern Baptist Convention. This is only the sixth national convention that I have memory of attending. It is possible that I attended a few when I was kid that I don't recall. It's easy to forget...especially as a young man. I'm working on three in a row: San Antonio--2007, Indianapolis--2008, and now Louisville--2009. I don't know the year but I clearly remember going to St. Louis with my parents. I remember because we were the guests of the Womens' Missionary Union and they paid all of the bills which meant that we ate well and stayed in a very nice downtown hotel. We even went to Six Flags one day--awesome time. I was around 13 or 14. I also remember befriending a bum on the street and inviting him up to our room. I know it seems insane but I was allowed to wonder around downtown St. Louis all on my own. I'm lucky that the guy didn't rob us or something. He just seemed nice and I guess he was. The other convention that I remember was in Salt lake City. I was pastoring in Lipan, Texas and my youth pastor and I along with another friend went to the convention together. We had a blast as I recall. We spent some time up in the mountains, we drove out into the Great Salt Lake Desert, and we toured the Mormon Temple. We also participated in "Cross Over" which is an evangelistic outreach that is accomplished every year in the host city. We stayed in a really dumpy motel in the bad part of town. Every morning we had new chalk art in the parking lot in the shape of a fallen man.

This year I will be joined by Eric and Scott. Eric is my youth/associate pastor and Scott is a student at Southwestern Seminary. We think that Scott is on our flight out of Dallas. I have plenty of pranks in store for young Scott . I am just about finished packing and my lovely bride Tina is ready to go for a walk. Talk at ya later!

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