Sunday, June 28, 2009

Team Honduras Update...

Jaren's Honduras Mission Update from CTI:

Team leader Laura Schuh called yesterday and gave us a personal update. She says "we've done 10 concerts in the last 4 days and it's been AMAZING. We've been having a blast touring Honduras. It's a beautiful country." The team is especially enjoying the time they spend with Mauricio Erazo (YFC Honduras National Director - in center of picture below) and his family.
Laura also updated us on a recent political development in Honduras. There is a vote on a controversial referendum scheduled for this Sunday, and the possibility of some disruption in civil services is anticipated (mostly in the capitol city of Tegucigalpa - the team is based in San Pedro Sula, which is 120 miles from the capitol.) Laura assures us that "so far there's been no violence, and we are completely safe." YFC Honduras had already been planning to take the team to neighboring El Salvador this weekend to participate in some ministry there. In order to avoid any potential disruption in travel, they decided to leave a few days early. We have also taken the additional precautionary steps of registering the team's presence with the US Embassy in Honduras, which will allow them to notify the team in the unlikely event that the US advises citizens in Honduras to leave the country.
We received e-mails from the team leaders and Mauricio's wife this morning indicating that all was well, and the team was safe in El Salvador. They expect to be there into the early parts of next week. Once they return to Honduras, they are scheduled for ministry at La Entrada, a YFC camp in the western state of Copan.Laura isn't sure what kind of internet access they'll have in the coming days, but she promises further updates whenever possible.
Please continue to pray for Jaren and his team as they travel and minister.


Carrie Bassett said...

I was searching for updates on the political crisis in Honduras when I found your website. My 16 year old son, Luke, is in Honduras with Jaren. He's at the bottom of the picture (wearing glasses). I believe Jaren cut lines into Luke's hair, which means they must have developed a good friendship, because Luke wouldn't let just anyone touch his hair. It's so good to know we are bonded in prayer for this team. Your son sounds like a great guy. My Luke loves to sing and is also a talented techy. He is the band's sound/mixer. I can't wait to hear the stories he has to tell. I know God is using the team in mighty ways!

God bless you and your family!

Praying with you,
Carrie Bassett - Auburn, Indiana

David Samples said...

Good to meet you Carrie. It looks like things continue to be fairly stable in Honduras. It's nice to know another parent. My wife has been pretty stressed but we're doing fine overall. Thanks for contacting us. Blessings!