Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have some good news for you...

Allow me to share some good news with you that I read this morning in Charles Stanley's book, "The Source of My Strength". Dr. Stanley writes:

"Many people take their drive to excel into their relationship with Christ. They seek to be number one in everything they do for the Lord. They desire to be the best Christian who ever lived. As I stated earlier, God doesn't compare people--whether Christian to non-Christian or Christian to Christian. He doesn't rank people in percentiles or give out rewards based on firsts, mosts, or bests. The Christian who is striving to be the best Christian on the earth needs to ask, 'Why am I striving so hard? What am I expecting to get or earn?' Is it a matter of pride--that you desire to be recognized over your peers or competitors? Is it a matter of control--that you are seeking to gain power out of your achievements? Is it a matter of inadequacy--that you must do more in order for God, or another person, to approve of you or love you? Let me share some good news with you. God couldn't possibly love you more than He loves you right now. God couldn't possibly approve of you more than He does today. You are His child, and he loves you just the way you are--right now. he knows that you are in the process of becoming, but He also takes responsibility for what you will become and how fast you will become it. He says to you, 'Let Me do the striving on your behalf! Let Me do the work in you. All you have to do is receive what I want to do in you and through you. Accept my offer. Let Me do the perfecting work.'"
--The Source of My Strength, p. 134-135

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