Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Progression of Housecleaning

  • Week One: Wife cleans house for ladies Bible study meeting that evening.

  • Week Two: Husband helps wife clean house for ladies Bible study.

  • Week Three: Wife schedules work appointments. Husband cleans house.

  • Week Four: Wife works at previously scheduled appointments. Husband cleans house.

  • Week Five: Wife goes shopping with paycheck from work. Husband cleans house.

  • Week Six: Bible study no longer meets at house. Husband still cleans house--not sure where wife is...


Anonymous said...

Week Seven: Husband goes to coffee with buddies from C.R. during house cleaning time! LOL

Amy said...

Week Eight: Husband (with help from C.R. buddies) cleans house while wife and ladies from completed bible study go out to dinner.

David said...

Week Nine: Husband and wife go to C.R. to work on what's left of marriage. (teenagers clean house).