Friday, January 01, 2010

Things that irritate me...

2010 is here and the new year is prompting all kinds of thoughts about what the future will hold. I am truly thrilled to be traveling the path that I am and I am perhaps enjoying the most fulfillment that I have ever experienced.

There a couple of things that have surfaced today however that really irritate me. Let me share.

#1--My beloved Cowboys are playing the hated Eagles on Sunday afternoon in a game that has huge playoff implications. The NFC East Championship is on the line. Will I be able to watch the game on my local Fox affiliate? NOPE! It seems that the NFL will not allow the game to be broadcast in this market because of blackout rules (whatever that means). I'm guessing that the Broncos have some kind of arrangement that allows them to be the only team on network tv in the Denver area. Of course, if I had NFL Sunday Ticket I could watch the game. The current price for the final week of the regular season? $99! So, that's not happening. I could always go somewhere else and watch the game. There's a wing place that I like that shows all of the games but it's not the same as watching it home in the comfort of my Sunday afternoon pj's. The only other option is to fork over $9.99 to listen to it online. And that is likely what I will do.

#2--I have no idea who is playing college football this weekend. I have no idea who is playing for the national championship (or even when the game is being played). My lack of interest stems solely from the fact that the NCAA does not have the wisdom to put together some type of playoff series. This bugs me because I could be a BIG college football fan--but I'm not--and I won't be--until there is a playoff. Give me eight games. Give me sixteen games. Just give me a playoff series. Until then, I will watch (and listen) to the NFL and perhaps take an early look at the favorites for March Madness.

#3--I detest the putting up and the taking down of Christmas decorations. I have no idea why--I just don't like it. However, I have tried not to fuss too much today as I have been recruited by the wife to assist in our "undecorating" process. She does an awesome job inside. My outside decorations consist of two green 60 watt lightbulbs placed in the fixtures just outside the garage. I don't win awards--but I've got the outside decorating process down to less than five minutes.

I guess that I should not just express my irritations. I do have some extreme joys today as well.

#1--I'm enjoying a "Heritage" Dr. Pepper (made with real sugar). No soda should ever again be made with corn syrup.

#2--I cooked an amazing breakfast this morning that I would call a bacon/egg/jalapeno scramble. In addition I fried a couple of cubed potatoes in our (the boys) new deep fat fryer onto which I poured a plateful of gravy (bacon & jalapeno). Yummy!

#3--I have just spent my 24th Christmas and New Year with the love of my life--my wife Tina.


Roland Thiel said...

Dave it is good to see you back on your blog. I have missed viewing your posts. Thanks for all you have done. Let's get together and have coffee to get reaquainted and visit. Thanks Roland

Dave Samples said...

Thanks for stopping in, Roland. Send me an email and let's set up a time to get together.

Taran said...

Sorry for the delay in commenting, I've been out of town. At least you can watch the Boys tomorrow night!