Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few Suggestions...

For those of you who read my blog regularly, I would like to suggest a few others:

The history of Grace River Church is being recorded by Amy Fulton at  Amy writes about Grace River from her perspective as our #1 sound guru.  You'll find lots of pictures and commentary dating all the way back to our beginning as a church.

My beautiful and talented young bride Tina writes regularly at  She also has a website at  Tina is a speaker, writer, worship leader and all-around God-gifted individual.  She has a keyboard and will travel if you need a speaker/worship leader for an upcoming event.  She has an amazing testimony and is a compelling teacher.

Our church website is at  In addition to info about our young church, we hope to soon have audio and eventually video of messages and worship segments.  There are lots of pictures in the photo tab that you can check out.  We have worshipped in 5 locations in our first year.  Last summer we baptized 11 people in a inflatable swimming pool right in the middle of Windsor's Main Park.  Exciting Stuff!

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Brad M said...

Sounds like a number of great ways to tell a great story! Blessings in the coming year, sir.~brad