Thursday, February 15, 2007

CBGC Church Health

I had the honor of helping to distribute some of our state mission offerings back into six our Colorado churches this morning. I serve on the Church Health Committee of the CBGC Executive Board and each year I have the honor of helping to allocate these resources. Our committee met by telephone this morning and considered several requests for funding. In addition to the Church Health Committee, we also have a Missions Committee and a Prayer and Evangelism Committee that make distributions to individual churches from our Nicey Murphy State Missions Offering.

The following six churches received their funding requests.

Trinity Baptist Church, Gunnison, $1000, Discipleship Conference.
Summit House Church Network, Dillon, $2000, High Capacity Coffee Machine for Big Red Bus. The Big Red Bus is highly effective evangelism tool—kind of like a block party on wheels.
Hope of Israel, Denver, $2000, High Speed CD/DVD Duplicator.
CrossPointe Community Church, Highlands Ranch, $2000, “Reaching America” mailout.
Immanuel Community Church, Fort Collins, $2000, Resource Evangelism Project and the completion of a welcome/coffee center.
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Meeker, $2000, Complete bathroom facilities in children’s area and purchase video projector.

The Church Health Committee has a total of $19,684.34 to distribute to Colorado Baptist churches in the area of church health. $8,684.34 remains for other requests that may be submitted throughout the year.


Geoff Baggett said...

Cool report, Dave.
It's awesome to see how your group responds to such diverse and innovative needs.

Man, I thought you would be back at Union for the Baptist Identity Conference! :)

Dave Samples said...


I thought about making the trip but I just couldn't get it done...My 12-year-old is wrapping up his middle school wrestling season...I think that I made the right choice...