Wednesday, February 28, 2007

downpour...chapter 2

"There can be no personal revival without a right view of God."

"...your entire life revolves around your view of God."

"At the core of our sinfulness is our desire to usurp God."

"Yes, in all of us is a self-centered bent to get me up and to get God down. There will be no downpour until that sinful inclination is reversed."

"When God is humanized and man is deified, holiness is lost. Everything gets our of perspective. The first step in personal revival is to get God in His rightful place."

"When God is recognized as being above me, beyond me, highly exalted, over me, and totally separate from me, I am getting in position for a downpour."

"When I know God's place, I can know my place--then things start to fall into place".

"When God is recognized for the infinitely holy being that He is, you don't stand around questioning His decisions".

"God has deemed that the central, defining characteristic of His being--the word that is to be spoken in heaven, eternally and continuously, the characteristic around which all other aspects of God's nature revolve--is this: holiness".

"We can't come close to overdoing our expression of praise and worship. Sincere worship, given from the heart, is never over the top, or too much, because He is worthy".

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