Friday, February 02, 2007

Pre-Cursors to a God-Movement...

Dr. John Avant says that there are three pre-cursors to a movment of God in a Church.

  1. Great Commission Prayer - One or two people must be praying! Coggin Avenue was not a praying church but there were two people (out of 400) who were praying daily for God to do a work.

  2. Pioneering Risk - Dr. Avant says, "The move of God came when I didn't care anymore if I was fired!" He refused to meet again with the personnel committee because he would always walk out of the meetings defeated. He didn't care if they fired him! That freedom allowed him to begin taking beginning a Sunday School class for gang members.

  3. Revival of Radical Evangelism - When he quit worrying about pleasing the right people, he was able to return to an evangelistic lifestyle.

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