Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Joy of Preaching

Philippians 1:15-20

Paul discloses in this passage that not everyone who is preaching Christ is doing so from proper motives. However, the end result is the same...Christ is proclaimed! The passage reveals five improper motives that all who declare Christ must avoid and fifteen characteristics that should evident in preaching.

Improper Motives for Preaching Christ:
  1. Envy - desiring what belongs to another.
  2. Strife - creating division.
  3. Selfish Ambition - literally, one who works for money.
  4. Distress - applying pressure.
  5. Pretense - wearing a mask, not genuine.
Positive Characteristics of Preaching Christ:
  1. Good Will - positive motive expecting positive results.
  2. Love - God's sacrificial "agape" love.
  3. Appointed - destined.
  4. Defense - apologetic, argument.
  5. Pure Motives - unmixed, holy.
  6. Truth - honesty, integrity.
  7. Rejoicing - the outward display of joy.
  8. Deliverance - salvation, progression.
  9. Prayer - supplication, requests.
  10. Holy Spirit Provision - supply of the Spirit, annointing.
  11. Earnest Expectation - literally, "to turn your head and watch", looking for results.
  12. Hope - optimistic belief.
  13. No Shame - no embarassment.
  14. Boldness - confident declaration.
  15. Exaltation of Christ - only Christ is glorified--not the preacher.
Let me encourage you to examine your motives in preaching. May any hint of improper motive be removed and may we be counted among those who have taken on the image of Christ through time spent alone with our Savior.

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