Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Koran Affirms Jesus...

Lee Turner has written a brief article for Pulpit Helps that details how the Koran both affirms and denies the unique nature of Christ.

The Koran rejects the biblical Jesus in four ways:
  1. Jesus is not God (Surah 5:72-73).
  2. Jesus is not the Son of God (Surah 9:30).
  3. Jesus is not a member of the Trinity because there is no Trinity (Surah 5:76).
  4. Jesus did not die (Surah 4:157).

The Koran affirms the biblical Jesus in seven ways:
  1. Jesus performed miracles (Surah 2:87).
  2. Jesus was strengthened by God through the Holy Spirit (Surah 2:87, 2:253).
  3. Jesus is called a Spirit from God (Surah 4:171).
  4. Jesus is repeatedly called the Messiah (Surah 3:45).
  5. Jesus is declared to be righteous (Surah 3:46).
  6. Jesus is called the Word of God (Surah 4:171).
  7. Jesus is declared to be like Adam (Surah 3:59).

--Pulpit Helps, March 2007, volume 32, number 3

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