Friday, October 19, 2007

CBGC Executive Board

The biggest item of business at our state convention this year was the restructure of the Executive Board. I've had the honor of serving on a task force that has been studying the proposed restructure for almost two years. The change occurs in both philosophy and methodology. We have moved from a 1950's committee-based approach where the board primarily listens to reports to a much more functional and relational approach where the board interacts and discusses issues focused on the broad vision and "ends" of the convention. The size of the board has changed considerably downsizing from 42 board members to 18. A major change in the board structure now calls for the convention officers to serve as the executive board officers. In the past, the convention officers, have at times, been more symbolic than practical. Now the three elected officers will be setting the agenda for the EB. All sessions of the board will be plenary with no committees meeting. Prayer will be a major agenda item each time the board meets. It's exciting to see this new structure approved and put in place. I have a great sense of accomplishment having served on the CBGC Executive Board for the past five years and as it's chairman for the past two years.

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