Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Multi-Cultural Ministry...

My good friend, Fernando Caballero, took Tina and me along with him today for a meeting at the Hope Center, an intercultural ministry in Denver. The purpose of the meeting was to plan an intercultural retreat that will take place in August. I was impressed to be sitting around a table with Russian, Hmong, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and others representing a small sampling of the nations that have come to Colorado. My wife is going to be leading a series of conferences on worship for these multi-cultural churches. I am wanting to continue to see Cornerstone become a multi-cultural gathering of believers. Already we have worshippers in our church from several ethnicities including Romanian, Australian, Polynisian, Hispanic, Vietnamese, and even Texican. Not unlike Pentecost, it appears that God is bringing the nations to us. We need only to speak the Gospel in their language.

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