Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's a cold and icy day in Northern Colorado.  I went to the Grace River building this morning to pray and then on to breakfast at Senor Jalapeno's with some of our men.  It was pretty slick out early--a nice coat of ice on everything.  Ironically, Zach has baseball tryouts at the High School on Monday.  They've been training since December (mostly indoors) and the plan was for a nice Spring-like day on Monday.  It's not gonna' happen!  Maybe Tuesday...or Wednesday?  Even now snow is falling and it looks anything BUT like baseball weather.  I enjoyed breakfast with the guys this morning.  We have the makings of a true revival-like move of God among our men.  We have a half-dozen or so men in whom God is doing major work.  I can only laugh with joy as I hear their stories of how God has been moving in their lives throughout the week.  It's truly amazing!  Even with the weather bad--we had almost ten guys show up.  I love it when you're sitting around the breafast table and the guys keep talking about how they can't wait for church on Sunday morning.  God is good! 

I learned something new this morning.  I subscribe to an email newsletter from and the newsletter that I read this morning was about how we got Easter Eggs.  Bet you didn't know either...  Evidently in the second century the fast associated with lent included the abstinance from all things living--like beef, chickens, etc.  Eggs and dairy products were included in the fast since they came from living things.  The hens, unaware of the season of lent, would continue to lay eggs causing a surplus of eggs.  When the season of lent concluded, eggs were in abundant supply and they were cheap.  So, lots and lots of cheap and plentiful eggs would be eaten on Easter.  The article also talks about why we dye eggs but I'll let you read about that for yourself.  You can find the article here.  Personally, I prefer the candy eggs--especially the chocolate ones.  Those Cadbury eggs are pretty good too.  We don't buy Easter candy until after Easter at the Samples' household.  We usually make a trip over to Wal-greens the day after Easter to pick up some 50% off Easter candy.  Then....a few weeks later we're back for the 75% off candy.  Then, if we're really lucky....something is left for the 90% off sale.  Now that I bring it up--we do that with all of the various "candy" holidays.  I should say that "we" is me, Jaren, and Zach.  Tina mocks us for our candy addiction.

Tina and I just took a little drive around Windsor looking for future meeting spaces for Grace River.  The wonderful space that we're in at present is soon going to be too small.  There are a lot of warehouse-type buildings available and so I feel pretty good about our prospects.  The great thing about not owning a building is that it is easy to move when you outgrow your space. 

Blessings, Everyone!

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