Saturday, February 27, 2010

A River of Men...

There just might be a revival beginning among our men at Grace River.  I don't know that I have ever seen anything quite like it.  I always remember being taught by Dr. Dan Crawford at Southwestern Seminary that one of the signs of authentic revival is a renewed hunger for the Word of God.  One of our men recently showed up at our men's Bible study with a brand new Bible.  He then excitedly began to share how he gets up an hour early every morning so that he can read it. Another one of the guys recently shared how he has four different translations open on his table and that he and his wife take turns reading each one until they understand the text that they are reading.  We certainly see a hunger for scripture among our men.  Men are also excited to come to worship services.  We have more than one wife who is thrilled to see their husband getting up early on Sunday morning because he can't wait to get to church.  These are guys, some of whom have never-ever wanted to go to church.  I should also tell you that this revival is also marked by brokenness and repentance.  We have several men who are recovering from various "isms".  We have found a "fellowship of suffering" together through our work at Celebrate Recovery.  There are nine men related to Grace River who are now doing work at Celebrate Recovery.  There is change going on in many of these men that is simply remarkable.  God is at work!  I am so thankful to be involved with Grace River and with these men that God is so clearly is at work among.

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