Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday...

My youngest son has been saving up his money for well over a year with his eyes on a brand new laptop computer. The plan for savings started simply enough--I challenged both of my sons to start putting some of their income (odd jobs, birthday cash, etc) into a savings account. To motivate them, I agreed to add an additional 10% to whatever they had in their account at the end of each month. A little more than a year later--my youngest son's account balance: $347.29! He's been talking about a laptop for quite sometime and has been "shopping around" for the past month or so. And so it was agreed that we would get up at 2am on "Black Friday" and head to the electronics store and wait for the 5am opening. I set my alarm for 2 hoping that I would actually get up. "Beep....Beep....Beep..." I reach for the snooze as I hear, "Good morning dad....Let's go!" I pry open an eye and there he is, standing beside the bed, fully dressed, coat on, ready to go! After a quick shower and a fifteen minute drive down empty streets we arrive at the electronics store. To our shock...a line has already formed halfway around the building. A brief survey reveals more than enough line-standers to deplete the limited suppy of bargain laptops available. We journey home empty-handed yet optimistically planning our return for the "Day after Christmas" sale.

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