Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Fellowship...

Windsor is a unique town in many ways, not the least of which, is the way in which the pastors and ministers of our community seek to serve each other and work together whenever possible. There is a great friendship among our pastors in Windsor. We have coffee together in local coffee shop, we gather for lunch once a month, and we communicate with each other how we are living our lives both at church and at home. It is not unusual for us to sit in each others offices sharing our burdens and seeking council.

Tonight, our churches will gather together for a Thanksgiving Eve Community Service. I'm going for no other reason than to see my friends--my brothers and sisters who serve in Windsor with me. We are meeting tonight at Father James' church--Our Lady of the Valley, which happens to be Catholic. I'll be there along with as many as I can drag from Cornerstone. In addition, I expect that I'll see friends from the Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church, the Episcopal Church, The Church of the Brethren, the Christian Church, and the United Church of Christ. I'm sure that the Ancient Path will be there (Baptist General Conference) as will the new Presbyterian church plant. And there are most likely others that I have overlooked. No one will be compromising their doctrinal distinctives tonight--just loving the diverse Body of Christ and giving thanks to Savior whom we all serve. It begins tonight at 7pm.

Oh yeah...we're eating pie together following the service.

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