Monday, November 27, 2006

The Need for Tears...

I don't cry much. It concerns me at times because I'm pretty sure that we're supposed to cry. That's how God made us. There is even a whole book of the Bible entitled, "Crying" or "Lamentations". The 9th message that I'm bringing from Amos deals with crying and leads me to believe that "getting in touch with our emotions" is one of the ways that we will survive prosperity.

Amos 5:8-17 reveals four reasons to weep:

  1. We will weep when we are exposed to the awesome power of God (v8-9).
  2. We will weep when we begin to see the "least of these" as God sees them (v10-13).
  3. We will weep when we desire holiness like God desires it for us (v14-15).
  4. We will weep when we are in the presence of God (v16-17).

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