Saturday, August 01, 2009

I am Blessed!

I just can't tell you how blessed I am to be in Florida this morning! I woke up at 6:30 (4:30 Colorado time) and I couldn't hardly wait to get up and to get outside. I walked down to the beach (about a block) and I had a wonderful time of talking with the Father. The sand is white and there are many shells. The water is warm and feels great washing over my feet.

Psalm 86:4 records a prayer of David, "Give me happiness, O Lord, for my life depends on you". Our Christian culture does really approve of praying for happiness and yet I am very confident that the heart of our Father is to bless us. As I walked along the beach I considered what I would like to experience over the next nine days. I want to be recharged, revived, and released! I want to return home in nine days with a new vision of what my life is to be and what I am to pursue both as a pastor and and as a person.

God gave me the silver bead this morning and so the focus of my prayer was the prayer of blessing. B-ody: Revive me--bring me back to life again. Let me rest and relax and fully recharge. L-abor: Give me new vision for what the next year and for what the next few months are all about. Give me a passion to do what matters. E-motions: May I continue to be healed emotionally--that I would feel and experience all of life without regret. S-piritual growth: Teach me something new about who you are. Heal me spiritually and release me from the religious tyranny of the past. S-ocial relationships: Bless my friendships and help me bless those who bless me. Give me the courage to pursue relationships without fear.

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